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With so many years of practice experience accumulated, we have widely served listed companies, large enterprise groups, outstanding private enterprises and many other institutions, as meanwhile we have repeatedly accepted important projects entrusted by government departments. Customer demand is an important guide to our pursuit of quality, as we are concerned about the customer's experience. We are keen to research the new type of services which can help customers succeed, to meet customer needs. We hope we also could be a leader in the present and future of the market, establish the cooperative relations with trust and respect between our customers and us.

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Practicing basic information on capital market

Zhonghui has a team of professionals in the capital market. No matter what kind of transaction or change you make, we understand key issues, market conditions, regulatory requirements, and can quickly propose solutions. We have an in-depth understanding of the entire process and the key points. We will assign experts to tailor the overall solution including but not limited to auditing, taxation, internal control, management consulting, etc. according to your company's actual situation. Throughout the process, we will ensure that each the parties can work together, run smoothly, and manage the entire process of change with you.

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