Our Services

Zhonghui is based on the demands of clients, providing efficient taxation services and exploiting potential service fields to maintain its leading position in the industry.

Zhonghui has been providing taxation services to the World’s Top 500 companies, large state-owned holding groups, foreign investment enterprises, fast-growing private enterprises, etc., covering the fields of finance, real-estate, electronics, energy, software, machine manufacturing, communication, automobiles, and so on. Rich experience in taxation practices and well-developed business network make it possible for Zhonghui to understand the dynamic development of taxation environment, to master the key points of taxation matters in different industries, to analyze the needs of enterprises on taxation in depth, and to enhance the value for clients in efficient manners.。

Zhonghui has gathered the expert teams from various industriein China, and maintained close contact with central ministries and commissions, local government departments, trade associations, and the professional research institutions and organizations in China and abroad. It has also built up a quick-response information channel on international taxation and formed aglobal information system, as well as international service products.

Zhonghui has been trying to be a trustful partner for domestic and overseas enterprises for consulting on business and tax matters by of fering perfect solutions and high-quality professional services to overseas enterprises that want to enter the market of China and domestic enterprises that want to go abroad.

Our Team

If you need to provide our professional services,please click to get more contact information.

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