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In the diversified era full of competition, Innovation is the source to keep organization and individuals alive..

As an outstanding and professional service organization with almost 30 years of history, Zhonghui discerns all the problems in the stage of enterprise’s establishment, development, reform, transformation, rebirth, etc. Zhonghui can improve the innovation and competitiveness of organizations by helping them find intrinsic motivations and introduce external resources. Innumerable successful and outstanding enterprises grow up together with Zhonghui.

In the field of Consulting and Outsourcing Service, Zhonghui has an excellent professional brand,which can provide services of whole process such as Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Service, Tax Process Outsourcing Service, Diagnosis and Consulting on Organization and Human Resource, Sales Performance Improvement, PI Consulting and Assessment, Leadership Enhancement, Innovation Management, Personal Service on Business and Family , Overseas Related Service etc. 

Our service clients include foreign and domestic enterprises, administrative and institutional organizations, social groups and informal organizations, families and individuals. And we are looking forward to serving the unknown from outer space who trusts our services.


If you need to provide our professional services ,Please contact:0571-88879599

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